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This year’s theme is Business Agility: Platforms for Change.

When embraced by the entire company, Agile is a foundation of change that improves strategy, product innovation, and culture.  At AgileCamp 2019, we’ll cover all of these angles and more!

“In the space of one day, you can probably get years-worth of learning, and leverage all the experiences of other scrum masters that may be available here, that you wouldn’t be able to get at any other conference.”
Matt Sakaguchi, Site Reliability Manager, Google
“This is an opportunity for deep learning. Learning from experts on really how to take a very specific skill, learn from others, and then be able to go apply it into your organization.”
Mamie Jones, SVP of Product Development, Intuit

Accepting 2019 Speaker Submissions

Speaking at AgileCamp is a great way to contribute and make an impact on the Agile and Lean community! This is a distinct opportunity to increase your brand awareness while growing your personal brand exponentially.

Our past speakers have included an incredible group of inspirational thought leaders whose talks were designed to inspire action and fuel innovation.

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Important Speaker DatesSubmissions DueAcceptance NotificationsEvent
ChicagoFeb 22Mar 4May 6
PortlandJun 1Jul 1Sep 20
New York MetropolitanJul 1Jul 31Oct 4
DallasAug 1Aug 31Nov 1
San FranciscoSep 1Sep 30Dec 6

Discover AgileCamp!

Now’s the time to brush up on the latest Agile skills by attending AgileCamp 2019.

AgileCamp is expanding and growing. We’ve already added one new location in 2019—Chicago—with even more on the horizon. Currently, you can find us in five major locations across the United States. Each one-day event will feature industry leaders and Agile experts for you to learn from. You’ll be exposed to new ideas, hear from a group of diverse thinkers, and be able to put your skills to the test with hands-on workshops to help you to sharpen your expertise. Afterward, you will leave with all the knowledge you need to implement an Agile strategy, grow your business and execute invaluable practices.

Come pick up your badge, settle in, and learn with us at AgileCamp!

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