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AgileCamp is an event that brings together Agile communities from around the country for a day filled with education in Agile and Lean Practices. Led by Agile experts, this is one of the largest and most exciting Agile gatherings. Our objective is to bring together Agilists of all abilities, from novices to experts thereby expanding Agile knowledge throughout the community.


  • Novices – educate the basics of Agile and Lean
  • Practitioners – extend their understanding, skills, and tools
  • Experts – offer an opportunity to teach others and advance coaching skills
  • Executives – enable them with tools to build an Agile strategy for their company

The first AgileCamp in 2013


AgileCamp attracts professionals from various disciplines and levels who are interested in Agile techniques and gather to listen, learn, discuss and teach practices that help businesses succeed.

Moreover, a large majority of our attendees will be from technology companies such as eBay, PayPal, Yahoo!, Cisco, LinkedIn, StubHub, Ericsson, HP, Comcast, Twitter, Facebook, Salesforce, Symantec, Oracle, Visa, and many more.

A team of dedicated and experienced Agile coaches and practitioners are working together and committed to providing a high quality conference for the 300+ professionals are expected to attend.

The first AgileCamp in 2013
The first AgileCamp in 2013.


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Luke Hohmann

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